A collection of the final IoT4Industry project reports and deliverables

The IoT4Industry project is over. We were busy setting up our IoT lab to support the project scenario, and experimenting with the security in IoT, Web agents and Game Theory-based models. Here is a list of all final deliverables created asĀ  results of the IoT4Industry project tasks:

D.1 “Integration of IoT Platform and JADE Agent InfrastructureFINAL_D.1

D.2 “IoT Technology Tracking and Industrial Requirements for Security, Privacy and IPR/Data ProtectionFINAL_D.2

D.3 “Specifying Game-Theoretic Behaviour for Agents in Industrial Supply ChainFINAL_D.3

D.4 “Setup of a Demo Factory Floor based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi” (Note: This task is described as a part of D.6)

D.5 “Security, Privacy and IPR/Data Protection Requirements translated into Game-Theoretic Agent BehaviourFINAL_D.5

D.6 “Demo Implementation of Industrial IoT Factory Floor based on Arduino and Raspberry PiFINAL_D.6

R.1 “Report on Emerging IoT Platform for the Industrial InternetFINAL_R.1

IoT4Industry is presented at the Austrian IoT Day (IoT Talks Special Industrie 4.0) in Vienna, November 2015: http://bit.ly/1Pk3hVH